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Saving money is something that everyone loves to do. This can be done by budgeting and creating a list when entering the grocery store. While this can help keep how much you spend down, there’s one tweak that can be made that will not only cut down on grocery expenses but also improve your health and save the environment. This can all be done by investing in a good refrigerator filter

Even with almost the entire country having access to tap water, Americans spend about $16 million on bottled water every year. Bottled water has been marketed as the safer alternative to tap water so it’s obvious why so many people are fine with spending money on bottled water. 

The reality is that bottled water costs a lot of money to package, distribute, and market. These companies need your money in order to continue selling bottled water to you. This is why filtered wants to break down the truth of bottled water and how switching to a refrigerator filter will save you money without sacrificing the taste or quality of bottled water.


The Cost of Bottled Water for a Year

When you’re in the grocery store, it’s easy to pick up a case of bottled water and not really think much of it after. Let’s put it into perspective to see if you still think it doesn’t cost that much.

The single cost of a case of water doesn’t seem like a lot, but that’s the trap that many consumers will fall into. Spending money on cases of water adds up quickly. Just by buying bottled water compared to using a refrigerator filter, you’ll spend up to 4000% more, even though 64% of bottled water is really just tap water.

Look at it like this, the average person is supposed to drink one gallon of water a day. A gallon of bottled water costs about $9.50 on average. The average American household has four people living in it. If each person drinks the recommended gallon of water per day, that’s $9.50 * 365 (days in a year) = $3,468 dollars a year on bottled water. That’s a lot of money.


How Much Will I Save With a Refrigerator Filter

Filtering your refrigerator water is a safe and low-cost way to have access to clean, great-tasting water right from your home. These refrigerator filters offer the same quality, if not better, than bottled water. 

Different water filters will vary in price depending on what type you buy, so for this example, we’ll be using the price of the filtered inline water filter. A filtered refrigerator filter goes for $130 dollars and will need replacement filters every 6 months. For the year, that’s around $200 dollars. Now, let’s compare the price of using a refrigerator filter versus buying bottled water. 

If it cost a family of four $3,468 dollars a year to buy bottled water and only $200 dollars a year to have a refrigerator filter we can come up with this: $3,468 (year of bottled water) – $200 (year of filtered water) + $100 (reusable water bottles) = $3,168. That’s over 3,000 dollars that can be saved yearly just by using a refrigerator filter. The next time you decide to buy bottled water, think about the yearly savings you could be making. 


Start Saving Today

Stop spending thousands of dollars each year on bottled water that’s no different from your tap water. Filtered has a four-stage filtration system that will give you even better water quality than what you find at the store. 

If you’re ready to save your money, body, and the environment, visit our shop page today and get the best refrigerator filter solution today.

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