Inline Water Filter Can Save Your Coffee

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After spending way too much money at different coffee shops, you decide to start brewing coffee from home in order to cut down on spending. You buy the fancy coffee machine, the right beans, and all the other tools needed to make the best coffee. For some reason, the coffee never tastes right. It comes out too watery and bitter and you can’t figure out why. 

It may seem simple, but making good coffee at home can often come down to the water you use. If you think about it, a cup of coffee consists of about 98% water, so it shouldn’t be a mystery why the water you use plays a vital role in how it tastes. 

So, how do you get that same coffee taste that you love from the coffee shop? Well, an inline water filter could be the perfect solution. An inline water filter will eliminate all of the different contaminants in your at-home water, leaving you with clean water that will have your coffee tasting much better. 


Unfiltered Tap Water in Coffee

It’s not uncommon for people to use unfiltered tap water in coffee. It’s accessible about anywhere you would want to make coffee, however, many people don’t think about the effect tap water has on the overall taste of coffee. 

Using tap water exposes you to various amounts of contaminants. Without the use of an inline water filter or another water filtration system, you’ll possibly be drinking minerals, chemicals, gases, metals, and other contaminants found in your local area. Different areas will also have different contaminants in their tap water. This is why coffee can taste different in different areas. Even with the same coffee beans, the unfiltered water will deliver a different taste depending on what type of contaminants are in the local tap water.


Protect Yourself With an Inline Water Filter

Without the use of an inline water filter, you’re putting your body in danger. Sure, drinking coffee with unfiltered tap water a few times isn’t going to kill you. In fact, it would take a while before any real health issues would arise. The fact does remain however that drinking unfiltered tap water, even in coffee, is unsafe for the human body. Not only does tap water make your coffee taste bad, but you’ll also be drinking different bacterias and unwanted matter. To give you a picture, imagine the water you’re drinking traveling through old, rusted underground pipes. Think about the different things that will get picked up along that water’s journey to your coffee cup. Doesn’t sound too appealing. That’s why a filtered inline water filter can save both your body and your cup of coffee. 


Save Your Coffee Today

You shouldn’t have to start your day with awful-tasting coffee. An inline water filter can provide you with that coffee shop taste you’ve been missing.

If you’re ready to save your coffee, body, and morning, visit our shop page today and get the best water filter solution today.

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