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reusable water bottles

As time has gone on, plastic has become the standard material that people rely on for all sorts of things. The biggest use of plastic is found in the form of water bottles and this has led to a large environmental problem. Plastic water bottles have found their way into oceans, rivers, and streams. Besides the obvious problem of pollution, there is the large health issue of plastic toxins that leak into the water that people end up drinking.

For lots of people, they enjoy the clean, crisp taste that comes with plastic bottles. Filtered is on a mission to produce that quality of water all from the refrigerator in your kitchen. With the 4 stage filtration process that filtered uses, your water will taste just as good, if not better, than the water you find from the plastic bottles in the store.

The use of reusable bottles in combination with filtered water will result in a much healthier Earth. Along with using reusable water bottles, switching to paper bags or reusable bags will also help reduce lots of plastic waste and lessen the massive carbon footprint.

Either way, the only way we will see a difference is if people everywhere take action to reduce the amount of plastic they use. One of the best ways is to give up on single-use plastic water bottles in favor of reusable water bottles.


The Harm of Plastic Bottles

Even before the plastic water bottle is thrown in the ocean or some other body of water, plastic production already involved the use of oil. This makes them not biodegradable and has contributed to the ocean’s garbage deposits.

Prior to the water bottle even being created, they still must obtain the oil to create it and that’s done by extracting it from the Earth via drilling. Creating enough water bottles for a year requires about 17 million barrels of oil. This means that a 25 oz bottle of water requires 10 oz of crude oil to make and it takes a single oil barrel to produce a thousand water bottles.

If we take those numbers and compare them to the oil consumption of cars. 20 gallons of motor fuel requires one barrel of oil. This also means that water bottle production also leads to inflation of gas prices. This is all before the water bottle has even been used.


The Benefit of Reusable Water Bottle

Body hydration is one of the most crucial things in order to maintain a healthy body, that is why you should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. A reusable water bottle will encourage you to drink throughout the day and keep your water colder for longer. The production of reusable water bottles requires far less oil and lowers the plastic waste found in landfills and the environment.


Make The Switch Today

Filtered wants to make sure you still enjoy the best quality of water around while also protecting the environment. A filtered system in your home will make your refrigerator your new best friend. Visit filtered today to get started with your new system!

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