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Your standard refrigerator filter typically only removes a minimal number of contaminants, leaving you with less than desirable drinking water – just a small step above tap water. More often than not, people do not change their standard filter due to the high cost, and still continue to go out and buy bottled water.

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what's in your drinking water?

Stop questioning what is in your water and start drinking filtered. water today. filtered. is designed to remove additional impurities and provide clean, unlimited filtered drinking water directly from your refrigerator. filtered. utilizes four-stage ultrafiltration technology that provides unlimited bottled-water like quality hydration in the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need to ever buy bottled water again.

man drinking filtered water

clean drinking water from your refrigerator

filtered. was specifically designed for a simple do-it-yourself installation. Included in with your product are clear instructions and an easy to follow installation video. Installation is easy with labeled color-coded tubing and all necessary fittings and hardware provided.

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filtered. water system

our complete filtered. system

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5-minute-installation 5-minute installation

One set of filters can produce as much drinking water as approximately 1,500 plastic water bottles, eliminating the need to purchase bottled water ever again.

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After putting in these new filters, it’s the best tasting water we have had. Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for these. Thank you!

Brian R

Amazing Product!

Ethan C

Incredible! 100% satisfied. Super easy to install! The filter pack fits perfectly on the fridge and it's such an elegant solution. Water tastes so much better after installation!

Jason N

Quick and easy installation - great design. My water is crystal clear and delicious. Goodbye plastic water bottles!

Mindy L

Best filters out there! My ice from my fridge was always nasty no matter what filter I used. Got this for the first time and ice comes crystal clear and tastes great.


After a very easy install I have amazing tasting water!

Daniel R

Great company. It was a very easy install and am impressed with the water quality.

Jimmy D

Super easy to install! The filter pack fits snug on the fridge and stays out of the way. Water tastes amazing! 5 STARS ⭐️!!

Matt K

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