What Are You Really Drinking? filtered. vs Tap Water.

Recently, you’ve probably heard a lot of commotion around the topic of tap water. It’s something that everyone is familiar with and has lived by for quite some time, but why the sudden uproar around it and is it justified? While tap water quality will vary depending on location, the controversy surrounding it is justified and we’ll tell you how a filtered. system can turn that water into premium drinking water you can’t get anywhere else.


The Invisible Contaminants You’ve Been Drinking

filtered water vs tap water

Clean tap water, just like any sort of clean drinking water, is an extremely valuable resource and is a key to our health and survival. Unfortunately, due to lots of modern-day environmental pollution, water supplies everywhere have been infected with multiple different chemical contaminants. They find their way through sewage, agriculture, industrial pollution, dated and eroded water pipes, and many other ways as well.

In the U.S., Tap water is now known to contain over 140 chemicals that aren’t being actively monitored by the EPA (Parkinson, 2009). In some cases, microbe contaminants have caused outbreaks leading to serious illness. A filtered. water system can help make sure that these chemicals never find their way into your drinking water!


Some Examples Of What You’ve Been Drinking

While there’s a lot of different chemicals that can sneak into your tap water, we’ll go over some of the most common ones that you can be exposed to, and of course that the filtered. system makes sure to remove.

Lead: Heavy metals are often found in tap water but one of the most commonly found is lead. Lead typically finds its way into tap water by going through old and eroded lead pipes, faucets, and plumbing fixtures. 

Lead cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted so it’s easy to see how it can be ignored and no thought about at all. Lead is also a toxic metal that can cause sickness in certain individuals. The filtered. system features a KDF 55 filter that will make sure lead and other contaminants won’t ever make it into your water.

Chlorine: While chlorine is added into water supplies as an antiseptic, chlorination can lead to by-products that can cause serious health concerns. These by-products have also been known to have links to bladder and rectal cancer.

While chlorine is meant to be a way to help purify tap water, it is also a reason why tap water can have a bad taste or unpleasant smell. This can lead to someone being turned off from drinking water and becoming more dehydrated in the process. When water becomes unpleasant, it can lead to more consumption of sodas and other unhealthy products.

A filtered. system can help make sure this isn’t the case and will provide you with fresh, crisp tasting water.

Arsenic: A well-known carcinogen, arsenic isn’t a complete threat to the human body, however, drinking tap water can expose you to higher than suggested levels of arsenic. Consuming high levels of arsenic can lead to cancers in the lungs, liver, bladder, and other organs. 


Protect Yourself And Enjoy Quality Water Today

man drinking filtered water

You’ll never truly know what’s being given to you from your tap water, so why not protect yourself and your family and get a filtered. water system today. The filtered. water system utilizes a four-step ultrafiltration system that will ensure you drink the best and cleanest water available. 

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