Why Do You Need Water Filtration

Why do you need water filtration anyway? Is the water not clean enough from the municipal purification processes? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, then you need to know this. There are still remnant contaminants in your tap water. Here are some problems which make it necessary to have a water filtration system installed in your home or business premise:

  • Water which smells and tastes like a pool due to high-Chlorine.
  • Red (rust/iron) blue/green (pH) stains.
  • Water spots on dishes and other items.
  • Your skin getting dry or itchy.
  • Tasteless, smelly, or unhealthy drinking water.

What is in Your Drinking Water?

Some of the water from municipalities, deep wells, shallow wells, and a host of other sources can contain nitrates, lead, sulfur, several times the approved limit of Total Dissolved Solids, excessive hardness, low pH, high pH, chlorine, chloramines, organics, iron, and other contaminants that lurk in our water.  Often times our water tables a polluted by runoff from factories and evening mining waste. So it is important to filter your drinking water to remove these impurities that not only affect the taste of your water but the quality as well.

Contaminants that may be present in source water include:

  • Microbial contaminants, such as viruses and bacteria, may come from sewage treatment plants, septic systems, agricultural livestock operations, and wildlife.
  • Inorganic contaminants, such as salts and metals, can be naturally occurring or result from urban stormwater run-off, industrial or domestic wastewater discharges, oil and gas production, mining, or farming.
  • Pesticides and herbicides, which may come from a variety of sources such as agriculture, urban stormwater runoff, and residential uses.
  • Organic chemical contaminants, including synthetic and volatile organic chemicals, which are by-products of industrial processes and petroleum production, and can also come from gas stations, urban stormwater runoff, and septic systems.
  • Radioactive contaminants, which can be naturally occurring or be the result of oil and gas production and mining activities.

why do you need filter water?

Tap water may taste bad due to chlorine and other mineral content. Chemicals introduced to tap water during the cleaning process may be unhealthy to drink. It’s possible for bacteria and other germs to enter your water after it undergoes the treatment process. If your pipes are old or corroded, water may shave away sediment or metal shavings, which will then get into your water supply.

Filtered. provides better-tasting water and acts as a last line of defense by making your water safe to drink. Filtering water can result in not only better tasting, but also better smelling water by removing chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, bacterial contaminants, and heavy metals.

Many people believe bottled water is healthier than tap water but the truth is, bottled water companies do not operate under the same guidelines as your municipal water supply thus they are not subjected to the same level of scrutiny. In fact, most bottled water companies are not required to disclose their water testing results so we really don’t know what is in that bottle.

what is filtered.?

Our patented filter system attaches to your refrigerator and is designed to remove additional impurities, compared to standard refrigerator filters that typically only remove a minimal number of contaminants. filtered. provides you with unlimited clean, filtered drinking water directly from your refrigerator, eliminating the need to purchase bottled water ever again.

  • 5-minute installation

    filtered. was specifically designed for a simple do-it-yourself installation. Installation is easy with labeled color-coded tubing and all necessary fittings and hardware provided.

  • universal filtration system

    filtered. easily connects to any refrigerator that contains a water dispenser feature, and uses a four-stage Ultra-filtration process to produce quality chilled drinking water in your own home.

  • eco-friendly

    Having quality drinking water at your fingertips eliminates your need and use of plastic bottled water, and reduces the number of plastic bottles we waste.

  • eliminates impurities

    filtered. removes contaminants and impurities from your drinking water using Reduction Oxidation, Absorption, and Hydrostatic Pressure down to .03 of a microns.


choose filtered. over bottled water

With an easy installation unit from filtered., you can stop drinking untreated water and start experiencing pure, healthy water right in your own home. Drinking filtered tap water is better than standard tap water and bottled water. Call us today to get started: 1-800-filteredBUY NOW

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