The Best Home Water Filter

You’ve been drinking water “filtered” water from your refrigerator, but do you know the quality of water your refrigerator is actually producing? Do you know about the metals and other bacterias that don’t get filtered out? Are you getting the best possible water at home? Filtered is here to fix all these problems! With the best home water filter system you can purchase, we will make sure you’re drinking bottled water quality water right from your at-home refrigerator. 

Filtered comes equipped with a 4 stage filtration system that will make sure to take out the impurities that your refrigerator missed. More often than not, your refrigerator is missing out on the finer impurities and will slip through the standard filter your refrigerator has. Thankfully, filtered makes sure to find and remove these impurities, giving you crisp, clean, and fresh drinking water. Filtered also offers flexible monthly subscriptions to make sure you always have new filters that will continue to produce the best possible at-home drinking water. If you don’t want a monthly subscription, don’t worry about that either! You can buy filters from our website at any time or you can even find us on Amazon!


The filtered. Difference 

There are lots of different home water filters that will boast about how well they can filter out different chemicals and bacteria, but none of them do it as well as filtered! These filters are often not being tested for the finer contaminants and will slip through into your drinking water. Filtered wants to make sure that your drinking water is the best it can be, which is why the 4 stage filtration system makes sure of this.

Our four-stage filtration system consists of:

  • KDF 55 Filter: The first filter is a KDF 55 filter which is responsible for taking away 99% of water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals that will give your drinking water a less than desirable taste. This filter is also responsible for getting rid of bacteria, algae, fungi, and scale build-up. This filter alone will give you water better than any refrigerator filter on the market. 


  • Carbon Filter: The second filter is a carbon filter that will be responsible for removing chemicals such as chlorine, solvents, and various organic compounds. These compounds can often have lasting side effects if enough is consumed. It is also responsible for removing various microbiological contaminants and waterborne pathogens that don’t sound very fun to drink!


  • Carbon Filter Transfer: The third filter prepares the water from the carbon filter for its final stage. Think of this filter as a fine-tooth comb that removes any contaminants that the carbon filter may have missed. This filter will remove finer particulate matter such as silt, dirt, rust, sand, and limescale. The result of this filter is to also remove anything that will leave your water with an unpleasant taste.


  • Ultra Filter: The final layer of security before you get the amazing water you’ve been waiting for! The ultra filter is a single porous membrane filtration process that serves as a final barrier to separate harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from clean water. If anything has made it to this point, it doesn’t go any further. 


Better Water While Making a Difference

It’s no mystery that ocean pollution, especially plastic pollution, has been at an all-time high, ruining our ocean sea life and beautiful reefs. The number of plastic water bottles being found in our oceans is increasing every year, so start cutting those numbers down with filtered. With just one set of filtered filters, you’ll be cutting down on over 1,500 plastic water bottles, and that’s what makes filtered the best home water filter. What sounds better than getting the best possible drinking water while also cutting down on plastic pollution?


Get The Best Home Water Filter Today!

It’s time to stop drinking water that hasn’t been properly filtered. With filtered, you’ll be drinking water bottle quality water right from the refrigerator in your kitchen. Our 4 step filtration system technology will make sure of it! On top of this, you’ll be making an impact on our environment by cutting down on over 1,500 plastic water bottles! Start your transition into better quality and tasting water today. Visit our store page now to get started!

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