Inline Water Filter For Your Home

While filtered water in your home may seem like something that is normal, today, there are over 64 million Americans that don’t have clean drinking water. Filtering your tap water at home was once considered a luxury, but it is now an accessory for your home. Many people will drink unfiltered tap water thinking it’s safe, but in reality, there are far too many contaminants from surrounding factories and underground pollution. Learn more below about how an inline water filter can take these containments out, making your tap water the best drinking water available. 

Don’t fall for the trap of thinking that your tap water is good or safe to drink. There is always some level of contamination. Tap water is usually drawn from rivers and lakes since they are the best natural water sources. These sources are more than likely contaminated by surrounding polluters, storm runoff, and acid rain. Doesn’t sound too fun to drink.

These reasons are why many homeowners are turning to inline water filters, like filtered. Inline water filters will make sure to remove the contaminants that lurk in your tap water.

If you don’t know what’s really in your water, find out below!


Contaminants In Our Water

“Contaminants” is a broad word and doesn’t really capture the different types that can be found in your tap water. Biological, chemical, and environmental contaminants can all be found in your drinking water and all can pose a risk to your health if too much is consumed. As water makes its way to your tap, it picks up different foreign bodies as it travels through pipes. The farther it has to travel, the more likely it could contain one of the following:



In any given water supply, there can be major disease-causing pathogens lurking. E.coli, norovirus, and Giardia are just a few of the most common water-borne pathogens.



Lead, glyphosate, nitrates, arsenic, trichloroethylene, and tetrachloroethylene chemicals can be found in tap water. These can cause serious illnesses such as cancer. Getting an inline water filter can make sure to avoid these.

If you live in a rural area, the chances of finding heavy metals grow even more. Such metals as lead, uranium, barium, and chromium can also be found.


Hard Water

It’s possible your water may not have all of these or none of them at all. This doesn’t mean your water is safe. Hard water buildup occurs with large deposits of calcium and can affect water pressure and the overall quality of water. Limescale can also be found if you have a buildup of limestone. 


Benefits of an Inline Water Filter

The greatest and most important reason for an inline water filter is to support your family’s health and well-being. A filtered in-house system will filter out any high levels of chlorine, dangerous minerals, and other synthetic substances that don’t belong. While chlorine is added to water supplies intentionally to control settings, large concentrated amounts of chlorine can cause health problems and can leave skin feeling dry and worn.

A trustworthy inline house filtration system, like filtered, will decrease the exposure to chlorine from drinking water. This will give the unexpected benefit of better skin and hair. 

The filtered system utilizes propelled water filtration that puts it through four different filters. This process expels more than 30 hazardous contaminants from your home water supply. With replacement filters always available, this system will give you fresh, clean water for many years to come.

These systems require little to no maintenance making them a strong home investment. They will also increase the value of your home, especially if you live in a rural area.


Invest Correctly


An inline water system isn’t something that you want to go cheap with or not research. Less known models will often only filter out large contaminants. They will often miss rust and other sediments and chemicals. 

While the water may come out cleaner, it still possesses lots of chlorine and other deadly toxins.

Filtered makes sure to only filter out what needs to be filtered out. Water that has been stripped of too many minerals will begin to taste like the container it’s stored in. 


Get filtered Today


You probably hear more and more stories on the news about contaminated water, so invest in an inline water system today to avoid this contamination. 

Visit filtered today to taste the difference!

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