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You’ve invested in a new refrigerator for your home and you realize it comes with a water and ice dispenser. Great news, but did you know that the standard water filter doesn’t remove all the impurities that can be found in your drinking water?woman drinking filtered water

What can you do to get the best tasting water? The answer is to add filtered. to your existing fridge dispenser. At filtered we offer the best refrigerator filter to purify your water and ice. Our patented 4 stage filtration system protects your family’s health by removing heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and improves the taste of your drinking water.

best fridge water replacement filter

We have all seen news reports of poor water quality and contamination of our drinking water supply. As a result, more homeowners have made the decision to switch to filtered. water for their families. But not all filtration systems are created equal. Some water filters only remove particulate matter and chlorine but our patented filter system removes additional impurities, compared to standard refrigerator filters that typically only remove a minimal number of contaminants. filtered. provides you with unlimited clean, filtered drinking water directly from your refrigerator, eliminating the need to purchase bottled water ever again

what’s in your drinking water?

Stop questioning what is in your water and start drinking filtered. water today. filtered. is designed to remove additional impurities and provide clean, unlimited filtered drinking water directly from your refrigerator. filtered. utilizes four-stage ultrafiltration technology that provides unlimited bottled-water like quality hydration in the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need to ever buy bottled water again.

Is there a difference between refrigerator water filters?

There is a difference. Refrigerator water filters are certified to filter out different contaminants. While some water filters may only reduce chlorine and improve taste, others will remove cysts, heavy metals, pesticides, and even pharmaceuticals.

filtered. water system

what is the best water filter on the market?

There are many filtration systems on the market so which one should you choose? Your standard water filter typically only removes a minimal number of contaminants, leaving you with less than safe and desirable water.  With filtered. you can definitely taste the difference, that’s why filtered. is the best water filter on the market. filtered. installs to all leading refrigerator models including Samsung, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Boch, GE Appliances, KitchenAid, Maytag, and more. No other filtration system is as compatible with as many manufacturers as filtered.

what makes filtered. the best fridge water filter?

filtered. is the only fridge water filter that has a patented 4 stage filtration system. filtered. was specifically designed for a simple do-it-yourself installation. One set of filters can produce as much drinking water as approximately 1,500 plastic water bottles, eliminating the need to purchase bottled water ever again.

  • 5 -Minute installation
  • Universal filtration system
  • eco-friendly
  • eliminates impurities

choose the best water filter for your fridge

When you’re ready to upgrade your fridge with the best water filter on the market, look no further than filtered. filtered.’s models are designed to optimally remove all impurities yet retain the minerals that allow water to taste great and even be healthy for you. We can guarantee that when you choose filtered., you’ll be absolutely happy with your new product as you’re added to filtered.’s growing list of satisfied customers. Call us today to get started: 1-800-filtered. Or, buy online directly by clicking BUY NOW.

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